live2d modeler & animator
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$110 - $350 USD

price depends on the complexity (payments through Wise get a 10% discount)

must provide own properly cut model art

Saviona Mavis


Price Table

Rig TypeDescriptionInclusionPrice
Scuffed Live2D RigCovers a cartoonish 2D movement for a VTuber modelSimple Head Movement · Simple Facial Movement$110 USD
Essential Live2D RigCovers the minimum things needed for a VTuber modelHead XZ · Simple Facial Movement · Minimal Body XZ · Free Toggle Expression$160 USD
Standard Live2D RigCovers all the standard movement for a VTuber modelHead XYZ · Standard Facial Movement · Simple Body XYZ · Simple Physics · Free Toggle Expression$240 USD
Complex Live2D RigCovers a dynamic and fluid range of movement for a VTuber modelHead XYZ · Complex Facial Movement · Complex Body XYZ · Complex Physics · 2 Free Toggle Expressions$350 USD

chibi models are 10% less

Simple Expression$10 USD
Animated Expression$30 USD
Complex Parts$20 USD
Hand Tracking$70 USD

Animated Emotes

Art + Animation Emote

In collaboration with _Near_, we are offering both the art and animation

$70 - $90 USD

art by _Near_VT_

Rig and Animation Only

(must provide own properly cut emotes)

$30 - $40 USD (depends on complexity)

Animated Illustration

YCH Art + Animation

In collaboration with _Moxie_, we are offering both the art and animation

~$150 USD (depends on complexity)

Rig and Animation Only

(must provide own properly cut illustration)

$50 - $100 USD (depends on complexity)

things to know before commissioning

  • Not A First Come First Serve Basis

  • Time Frame will depend on complexity of the model, the simpler it is, the faster I can finish it. Estimate is 1-2 months

  • Updates will be given whenever I complete major parts of the rig (e.g. face movement, xyz movement, etc.) I will inform you of any delays due to personal reasons and feel free to ask for more updates

  • Limitations on the rigging depending on the psd layers of your model. I cannot fix any problems with the layer/psd. If I can't rig because of a major psd issue please contact your artist, otherwise I will have to cancel & refund

  • Revisions to the rig are allowed, however once finished and agreed upon, further revisions will be charged

  • Compatibility will work on Prprlive, VTube Studio, and Facerig

Terms of Service


  • Payment will be through PayPal, Wise, or G-Cash/Maya (for Philippines)

  • Payment must be made upfront or in half

  • Prices will only either be in USD or PHP

  • Payment is non-refundable once I finish the full head rig (xy movement, blinking, mouth, physics, etc.) unless I fail to meet the quality or deadline expected


  • Credit me in your content platforms

  • Do not claim/sell the commissioned model without discussing with me

  • I can use the model for my portfolio and showcase it (and only for those purposes)

  • You cannot use my work for blockchain technologies such as Crypto or NFT


  • Commissioners have commercial rights

  • Commissioner can have up to 2 Major Revisions to the rig (i.e. re-rigging the whole face or body)

  • Commissioners will only receive the model files .MOC3 (files needed for tracking software) and the .CMO3 (Live2D Cubism Editor file) will not be given unless discussed

Commission Process


  • Contact me through the form on this site or through e-mail and we can discuss about your desired commission

  • Please send a rough model/design file so I could estimate the total price

Preparing the art

  • Have the art properly cut and ready for Live2D modeling and animation.

  • Send in the .psd of the art and I will confirm if the layers are properly separated.


  • We can start discussing the characteristics of your model/art and how you would like it to move.

  • Please also discuss any final additions you'd like before the price is finalized


  • Payment will be sent either through PayPal or Wise (or G-Cash/Maya for Philippines)

  • Commission will only begin after sending half or full payment

Modeling and Animation

  • Modeling would being shortly after payment

  • Updates on the progress will be given to you after completion of major parts of the model, or upon request


  • Model/Animation files will be sent to you through Google Drive

  • We may also discuss how to set up the model using tracking software through a screen-sharing call

  • All commissions have a 6 month guarantee in case there are any issues with the final product

How to Order

Model Rigging and Animated Emotes

YCH Animated Illustration

for any questions, contact me through twitter or my email [email protected]



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